Hello Ivonne,

Thanks for responding.

I tried to open the link but access was denied. I will look into it.

I agree that required mesh quality to obtain good results will be different. But, in principle, I can export the Ohmic loss values at every grid point of fluid flow mesh, using Maxwell-3d calculator. 

I have followed this same procedure to perform electromagnetic stirring, wherein I exported the value of electromagnetic force using Maxwell-3D calculator. In this, first, I stored the fluent mesh cell centres (with the help of a UDF) in a text file, then copied it to a file with name "mesh.pts". Subsequently, used this "mesh.pts" file in Maxwell-3D calculator to export the Lorentz force. Later, with the help of UDF I could supply them back as source term to momentum equations in fluent case file.

Can I follow the same procedure to export ohmic loss on "mesh.pts" file, and then apply the ohmic losses as source to energy equation? or will it lead to more interpolation error?