Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Teng,

I checked in our system and the University of Cincinnati account you are associated with only has LSTC LS-DYNA (500 cores) which requires the LSTC license manager.

So, to run LS-DYNA from your machine, you have to point to the LSTC license server by setting the  following 2 environment variables on your Windows machine:


LSTC_LICENSE_SERVER=hostname_or_ip_address_of_LSTC_license server

If you don't know how to set environment variables in Windows, please Google "how to set environment variables in Windows".


To run LS-DYNA, we recommend using LS-RUN. LS-RUN comes with the Ansys installation. If you don't have Ansys installed, you can download LS-RUN here:

Here is a video tutorial on how to use LS-RUN:

Note that you can set the license information in LS-RUN and LS-RUN will set the environment variables automatically for you (as long as the Env Var check box is checked):


Put the LSTC license server hostname of IP address in the Server hostname field in LS-RUN (see image above).


Let me know how it goes.