Irina G.


if "gridless" option is smooth and IEEE is choppy, it's the mesh /voxels mismatch. 

Are you eligible for official support? if yes, we can share the model. Visualize the Mesh on the tissue object. 

To have a smooth picture, the mesh size shuld be less than the voxel size. To restrick the mesh size, use the first option of the screen,

"Set max element length", start with the size of voxel. Don't make the voxel size too small compared to the total size of the tissue object, or  it will take a while. 

On the bigger prospective: why can not you use gridless SAR? It'll give you the same averaging based on "Mass of Tissue" without the pain of converting the geometry conformal mesh to box-like voxels. CST results are smoother probably because they use brick-like mesh to begin with. Note that the stats of the mesh built by HFSS is available in the results.