Ansys Employee

The FileSettings is a metadata object, which is binary data you can't see. It is tied to the geometry loaded at the time, if it involves geometry selections. It is only saved to the scscript format if you export the script, not the python format. Or you can publish the script to a group in the current model.

The only option you can explicited set in python for parasolid is the version:

import clr
from SpaceClaim.Api.V22 import ParasolidVersion
exopts = ExportOptions.Create()
exopts.Parasolid.Version = ParasolidVersion.V33
DocumentSave.Execute(r"D:\myFile.x_t", exopts)

In order to set the shallow assembly export, you have to do something different. Turn on the shallow assembly export in "File > SpaceClaim Options > File Options > Parasolid." Record the command as you export to parasolid.

DocumentSave.Execute(r"/path/to/file.x_t", FileSettings)

This will produce the FileSettings metadata object with the shallow assembly export turned on, as well as any other options you had set before exporting. You will need to save that script as scscript type. Any place you use the FileSettings object in this script will use the options you had set.