Ram Gopisetti
Ansys Employee


I want to be very specfic to adress an specific issue i.e LIQUID STORAGE TANK UNDER SEISMIC 

you can solve this using the FEA ( ALE, SPH) , we call this to be a slosh simulation but subjected to seismic load. 

this needs an knowledge in the LSDYNA as standard ANSYS cannot work the physis correctly and need an explicit solver than the implicit 

i might not give you all info right away, but the i might give you some clues 

start with an read : https://lsdyna.ansys.com/soil-structure/

we have general two methds to apply the seismic load ( by traction card (BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION) and by acceleration card ( LOAD_BODY)) all needs an ground node with ground acceleration applied to it.

or an specific cards like load_seismic_ cards might be an option 

you need also build an idea on how to model ALE, SPH and thier material modeling and contacts. you are solving an FSI system so you need to know the methods on controlling the coupling and the leakeges in ALE domain. 

this FSI will give all mechnical quantities so no need of extra or supplementry tools neede ( if in dyna) 

your research might open a lot of doors, so start with it.

cheers, ram