Sizhe Ma




Thank you for the reply Akshay! I am now following your second option. I am creating a duplicate using code for each condition right now. Luckily, the 0kb file.rst problem no longer exists. But I am now having unknown error for each of those solve (starting since the very first solve of the loop). I can see “writing results” at the left bottom for every solve, and when I go to the “solver output” in “solution information”, there is no error. I am quite sure it is the problem with writing the solution. Some behavior now it is having: all the solutions are capable of finishing as long as I don’t run my script (a for-loop doing duplicate analysis and solve). After I run my script, neither the solve within the script nor solve manually (right click solution – solve) was able to write the result. All circumstances stop at writing the result part. Could it be because I am connecting to a campus vpn? But I am sure all the calculations are done with my own computer (scratch and solve directory).

Red is the original simulation that I perform duplication on while the yellow are examples of four duplicates. All these four have the same files as the original, except there is no "file.aapresults" in these four folders. Could that be the problem?