I have run a magnetic transient analysis on ansys maxwell 3d to find the voltage induced in the rogowski coil for a given alternating current. My maximum value of induced voltage after analysing it in ansys maxwell is 5.3 mV. The same value based on a given analytical formula is around 5.6 mV. I have run my analysis with the default mesh settings. Can someone tell me what I should change in my mesh to get more accurate result? Also the goal of my analysis is to estimate the error induced due to a gap at one end of the coil, when the primary conductor is not in the centre of the coil. I ran another analysis with the primary conductor closer to the gap and I got an induced voltage of around 5.2 mV. The mesh settings for both analysis are exactly same. Is it safe to assume that the relative error i.e, 0.1/5.3 is unaffected by the error induced due to the finite element method. I have attached an image of my analysis below.my geometry