Hi Taylor,

I'm currently running my scripts (and simulations) on version 2022R1.4 (we're having issues with the GUI on all versions above that when running them on our Linux environment. I will attempt to run with a 2023 to see if that changes anything.

The issue is when running scripts through Python lumapi, when running / evaluating the line with the comand 'getresult("index")'. It fails when running with a hidden GUI. If running with a visible GUI, the prompt for previewing the data which requires more than 1GB will pop up and the script will continue successfully once I accept the prompt.

We would like to run the scripts with the GUI hidden, but then the prompt does not come up, so the lumapi session timesout. And in any case, we don't want to have to accept any prompt during the run of the script, it should all be automated.