Bill Bulat
Ansys Employee

Hi Martin,

Sorry, your objective is not perfectly clear to me. It sounds like you want the apply the energy of two separate laser beams in the same location as they move along the surface. I would think the heat from a laser beam should be applied as a surface heat flux (SF,,HFLUX), rather than as a volumetrically distributed heat density (BF,,HGEN).

Until we get clear on that, I can say that two things come to my mind that might help you. The first one is only applicable to the application of surface heat flux. You can create duplicate thermal surface effect elements (SURF152) on the heated surfaces with the ESURF command, and apply the heat attributable to each laser to each individual copy of the surface effect elements.

The second thought is to use either the BFCUM (for volumetric loads) or SFCUM (for surface loads) commands. These allow subsequently specified loads to accumulate... to be added to previously applied loads (rather than replacing them, which is the default behavior):

I hope this helps.