Bill Bulat
Ansys Employee

From your description, I assume you are accessing the LS Dyna technology/solver through MAPDL. We no longer (at 2023R1) document/support the MAPDL GUI features that provide access to LS Dyna technology, and I suspect our newer licensing options (e.g., "Enterprise") would not permit the definition or creation of LS Dyna models in MAPDL.

I can see that SOLID164 & SHELL163 were documented back at v18.2. I do not know the release at which we discontinued LS Dyna via MAPDL. What release or version of MAPDL are you using? Are you trying to solve your model in the MAPDL GUI? Maybe you can try writing out the file.k and solving it directly with the LS Dyna executable (outside of the MAPDL GUI). We used to do this with the Product Launcher (image below). Note the message I got when I selected this option using the 18.2 Product Launcher. This shared/parallel solver issue might have something to do with errors you are getting.

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