Dana Kang

I also tried opening a workbench file created in a previous version (2020) but it shows it’s not connected to a server for proxy actions, so I think it might as well be a licensing error.

I ran the diagnostics and it shows the below error :

C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v231\licensingclient\winx64\lmutil.exe lmstat -a -i -c 1055@ lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2022 Flexera. All Rights Reserved. Flexible License Manager status on Thu 7/13/2023 11:17 [Detecting lmgrd processes...] License server status: 1055@DESKTOP-QE253AB License file(s) on DESKTOP-QE253AB: 1055@ : lmgrd is not running: License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,7:11001 "WinSock: Host not found (HOST_NOT_FOUND)")