Gary Stofan
Ansys Employee

If a DesignPoint fails for any reason, a good first step to troubleshoooting is to Export the given design point to a new Project, then open such project and see what is wrong.


Exporting Design Points to New Projects

To work with the calculated data for a design point other than the current design point, you can export the design point to a separate project. A new project is created for each design point that is exported.

When you export a design point, if the design point has already been exported, the existing exported files are overwritten.

Note:  DesignXplorer data is not a part of design points and is not exported. DesignXplorer is a consumer of design points but does not define design points. Consequently, it is not involved when a design point is updated, or by extension, exported.

To export design points:

  1. To open the Table pane, double-click the Parameters cell of a system or the Parameter Set bar.

  2. In the Table pane, select the design points.

  3. Right-click the selection and select Export Selected Design Points from the context menu.

The data of each design point is saved to a new project, named filename_dpn (where dpn indicates the number of the exported design point), with a project file named filename_dpn.wbpj. Working files are saved to a filename_dpn_files directory that is a sibling to the original filename_files project folder.