>>SECTION and PART snippet will not be taken under the GEOMETRY, you need to use the opton in the LSDYNA -PRE tab. 

Sir SECTION and PART is of course used in LSDYNA -PRE tab. But I have another question, where to put the snippet with the material? Here I wrote:

I created the snippet in the GEOMETRY - INSIDE MODEL section

if you put a snippet with material there, then it will be written to a k-file. if you only put it in the LS Dyna PRE, then the workbench will not see it. How to do it right?

>>JH and JH-2 will run in lsdyna wb if executed properly !

thanks, so you need to clarify where to correctly insert the snippet with the material and how to do it correctly and continue the calculations with a finer mesh of particles. Looking forward to your tips and advice! Thank you.