Ansys Employee

Hi Mike,

Maxwell solvers support NVIDIA CUDA-enabled workstation, data center, and server cards.

Please search AEDT help for "Using GPU Acceleration for Maxwell 3D Solvers" 

Maxwell 3D solvers can be accelerated by using an NVIDIA® GPU accelerator. Numerical factorization of symmetric matrices is supported for GPU acceleration.
You can also enable distributed GPUs for Eddy Current Frequency Sweeps.

GPU acceleration for the Maxwell 3D Eddy Current solver has been developed for NVIDIA cards and is officially supported with the Tesla® series. NVIDIA Tesla cards are recommended for the best performance when using several cards on one machine to solve using HPC. The following cards are supported:
NVIDIA Tesla K20c (both workstation and server)
NVIDIA Tesla K40c (both workstation and server)
NVIDIA Tesla K80 (server with GPU cooling solution only, 2 GPUs consume 2 Ansys HPC licenses)
NVIDIA Quadro K5000, K5200, M6000
NVIDIA Quadro K6000 (both workstation and server, will be slow in graphic processing when used for GPU acceleration)

Additionally, see the ANSYS Platform page for tested computational and graphical GPU's.