Vanessa Patino

Hi Rob, thanks for your reply!

So this is not a VOF problem or are you saying I should break it down to not be a VOF problem.

How are you setting the initial wafer temperature?

I'm setting the intial wafer temperature in the boundary conditons, I created a named selection for the surface of the wafer and named it heat source and there I applied the temperature to the wall adjacent to the solid domain. From what I saw in one of the videos though, patching your heat source temperature is the correct way? 

Does that heat transfer to the fluid?

Have I seen that heat transfer to the fluid? No. But I would like to. 

I assume you did split the wafer volume out of the larger domain & then share topology? 

Short answer is no. When I import the model into DM there are 3 bodies 3 parts: the Si wafer, container body, and top. I created a fluid domain by creating surfaces at the inlet and outlet and using the Fill tool. I now have 4 bodies 4 parts, I wasn't exactly sure if I should keep the fluid domain its own part and make the rest one part or if it should all be 1 part but 4 bodies. The videos I watched did different things at this point. I decided to just make 1 part with 4 bodies. What should be its own part, everything? I thought this was just to help ansys do the interfaces for you. 

Once you're happy with both of these models turn them both on. How hot is the wafer relative to the liquid boiling point? 

By both of these models you mean do a single phase conjugate heat transfer model and a VOF model but don't include the heat transfer? 

Thanks again for the reply, you are all very helpful!