Eliah Cameron

Thankyou, *New Thread*

I have some follow up questions/interests.

My workflow is based of the tutorial below (URL link) below,


This tutorial comes with a UDF shown in the image below, From my understanding the ‘density’ and ‘speed of sound’ section of this UDF is used to track and update their changes due to the abrupt impact (This isn’t built in to fluent?), if this wasn’t implemented the density would retain the predefined value throughout the entirety of the impact.

The last section defines the motion of the object by defining its mass, I’m wanting to change this to linear motion. 

I believe this should be simple but can’t get it working, I have tried mimicking the UDF in Ansys video below, (time 2:20). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO2e9_njh5g

Below is the fluent console, don’t fully grasp the prompts.