Waruna Maddumage

Hi Chaitanya, 

Thanks for the advice. 

Just to be clear that I understand exactly what you are saying, could you please elaborate on the following. 

  1. I calculated y+ value using Fluent contours -> Turbulence -> Wall Yplus. Is there a different way to calculate the y value? You advised to calculate y value according to the Reynolds number. Can you please elaborate on this?
  2. My y+ is already below 1. Should I increase the y value so that it is between 1 and 5? My understanding was for k omega sst, y+ should be less than 1.
  3. When you say increase the under-relaxation factors in advance controls. Do you mean the solution controls -> Pesudo time explicit relaxation factors OR solution controls-> Advanced solution controls -> expert-> Under-relaxation factors ?
  4. When you say, "switch on the option of neglect higher order terms for higher order term relaxation", is this the high order term relaxation button in Solution -> Methods? 

Thank you very much for your help with this.