I do appreciate your reply. I will check that.

Beside that, I have been working to apply the variable elastic modulus as a user define function by writing a command in workbench. For now I kept it simple and considered my model as a block and just used a simple function for elastic modulus(EZ) to see how I can make the code worked. I am assuming that later for my hemisphere model, by generating element orientation and adding the element coordineate system, I should be able to solve my model in workbench and get what I need. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Unfortunately, I am a novice with ansys commanding in workbench. So, I wrote the following commands with the help of some Ansys Tutorials. However I get error about not finding the Macro Library. I would really be appreciated if you could look into my code to see what is wrong with it.  I guess my problem is that I don't know if and how I need to open a Macro library and how I can assing the function to that library. Here are two images to show the code and error.

Thank you, again!