Fang Li

Hi Chaitanya, 

Thanks for your kind support on my simulation! 

I have a few more questions that I was hoping you could help clarify:

  1. Is there any difference in electrochemical corrosion modeling between the version I am currently using (2021 R1 Fluent) and the water corrosion pre-tool in the 2023 R2 Fluent version, which you highly recommended?

  2. I am attempting to generate plots of the corrosion rate directly from Ansys, as demonstrated in the latest Ansys Fluent video. However, it appears that this rate is not an in-built parameter in Ansys Fluent. Could you please guide me on how to achieve this?

  3. I noticed in the case study (2045415_corrosion-2D-potential.cas.gz) downloaded from the Ansys website that the molecular weight for Zn^2+ and Zn is set to 30 instead of the true value of Zinc, which is 65. Additionally, the density for both is set to 1000, while the actual density of Zinc is 7140. Could you kindly help me understand the reasons behind these differences?

Please access to the case files using the link: Electrochemical modelling

Thank you sincerely,