I have two more questions: First one is on how to assign material properties when using an UPF in the workbench environment. With APDL you assign them with the TB command and there is nothing assigned beforehand. When using workbench there is always a basic material (Steel or so) assigned beforehand and I cannot delete it. Do I have to assign the material properties for my usermat via an APDL command in the workbench tree and do I have to delete the steel properties somehow?

Would be great if somebody could give me a hint on that since it does not work right now.


Second one is on the linking of the usermat in the workbench file: I use the \upf, usermat.f command as described above and have the two variables (ANS_USE_UPF = TRUE and ANS_USER_PATH = path to compiled dlls files) set but everytime I run the solver an error prompts:

”An error occured while starting the solver module.”

In the solver files directory is a link_error file and a link file so it looks like the linking did not work. Is there a way to check whether everything is linked correctly and compiling/running the usermat when I run/solve the workbench file? Somehow it still does not work within the workbench. When I run the RVE model without the included usermat and for example isotropic steel everything works fine.

I know that the usermat code works and compiles without any errors as it works with APDL but I have to use the same usermat in a Workbench model.


Thanks in advance!