George Karnos
Ansys Employee

On the license server, can you check the license file and post the increment line for vmotion_post
INCREMENT vmotion_post ansyslmd 9999.9999 29-mar-2024 10 9BB7F8AF6D98 \
    VENDOR_STRING=customer:00000000 SUPERSEDE \
    ISSUER=ANSYS_SSL ISSUED=29-mar-2023 BORROW=720 \
    START=29-mar-2023 SIGN="00A3 B99E F516 CE83 E8A3 2FF4 3883 \
    DE00 36D4 FA0E 6CC9 8B17 4D92 628F 9699" SIGN2="0064 4172 2F34 \
    790D C1E8 5000 4501 D100 7494 1D5C 8B1B 5D76 0A30 A15A 8FFA"