Jonathan Park



I only have a given non-uniform heat flux distribution as a function of x and y, which is set onto the material. Howeer, in my problem, since the external surface of the material is the internal surface of the vacuum chamber, I must treat treat the incoming heat flux as heat source occuring within the material. 

I understand that if I had a heat source given in my problem, I would directly use Heat Generation. However, I’m only given a heat flux which must be converted to heat source. 

For Shell Conduction, if I’m not given a heat source but just a heat flux. In ‘Heat Generation Rate’, can I just divide heat flux by the thickness even if the heat flux q”(x,y) is non-uniform, 2D, dependent on x and y? Does shell conduction consider takes account of both directions normal to the wall and along the wall (or both x and y directions) ? I thought shell conduction only considers heat flux normal to the surface.