Marcelo Precoppe

Hello George,

Further to your earlier question regarding the increment line for vmotion_post, I realized we have two licenses in our license server, one was sent to us by email, and the other we downloaded via the license portal. I don't have access to the second one and have written to the IT department to look at it, but here is the increment line for vmotion_post of the license sent to us by email:

INCREMENT vmotion_post ansyslmd 9999.9999 27-oct-2023 1 CC9D7913CC05 \
    VENDOR_STRING="eval customer:88888888" ISSUER=ANSYS_SSL \
    ISSUED=28-oct-2022 START=28-oct-2022 SIGN2="009F 5D28 DEDC \
    2465 3120 2A39 AC10 0200 D5AF 7555 971A 4992 ED13 F199 2988"