Gianluca De Zanet


Thanks for your help, but I still don’t fully understand the set up of the Fixed Joint and the first steps to take.

Hence my questions:


  1. Should the parts have already sort of “preliminary” holes, and the Fixed Joint defined between the cylindrical surfaces of these holes? Or the “preliminary” holes are not necessary for the Fixed Joint, which is then defined between the mating surfaces? The latter would make more sense if the goal of using the Fixed Joint is to determine the workload, which I suppose can be divided among N fasteners?
  2. I expect that the Fixed Joint will replace the contact defined between the same surfaces, and only after the bolts size and number are determined, contact has to be reintroduced?
  3. Which behaviour is recommended for the Fixed Joint in this case, rigid or deformable?


Thanks for confirming that thermal effects can be hand-calculated, this takes away many simulation issues!