Robert Polsgrove
I was having this issue on a computer that had Nvidia RTX 3070 ti and also had integrated intel iris graphics.  Windows was using both graphics cards for different tasks.  The solution was to disable the intel graphics so that the computer would only use the Nvidia graphics card.  Using device manager you can confirm the presence of two display adapters.  If so, you will need to research how disable the onboard graphics and only use the Nvidia graphics.  This was a while back and I do not remember the process.  If I recall correctly, there were several steps I had to take to make this work and stick.  I think I was able to disable the onboard graphics from device manager.  After that I could start ansys and the problem was resolved, but that the issue would come back after a restart. I think the computer would restart the onboard graphics.  I believe there are more settings in the Nvidia control panel that control the issue.  There are selections that will let you specify one adapter or another, or let the computer decide which adapter to use.  Change all these selection to Nvidia and not let the software decide.  Again, some online research on how to do this will be helpful.