Brennan Donovan

I've done quite a few tutorials and always use "named selections" in Meshing to make it easier to get my boundary conditions in Fluent. However, I wasn't aware I could also do that in SpaceClaim. 


I've been able to get a successful simulation using the model above (successful in that all boundary conditions are defined, thermal conditions enabled with realistic outputs) but I've been struggling with this particular part of the project for awhile. I've looked at the ANSYS tutorials and haven't found any regarding a closed object when it comes to fluent. Mainly objects with fluid passing through them, not necessarily being moved in and out through parts not connected to the external world. I'll look through it again to see if I may have missed something. I haven't been able to find a tutorial on the volume extract tools either that involve creating a void where it must encapsulate separate bodies either. 


Do you have any tips on those two problems? I'll go through ANSYS tutorials in the meantime. Thank you.