Arda Sungu Akgün

Hello Amrita,


First of all thanks for the advice. I still have some questions on my mind after reading your response, looking at the Ey from the mode1 of FDE, the matrix of Ey has been declared as [1,201,201,1] which is hard to exactly grasp but looking at it in the visualizer the 1-201 and 201-1 seems to be the spanning the whole y and z dimensions of the YZ view.

My particular interest is to give the integrate2 function start and finish coordinates of y and z dimensions of (1.03 * 10^-6) to (1.25* 10^-6) for Z and (-0.1925 * 10^-6) to (-0.1025* 10^-6) for Y. I have looked at how to use the matrix command but it is creating 0's for the values that is not assigned, which I will be only specifying the first and last values for. So, is it possible to give the integrate2 or integrate command a start and end coordinate for this purpose?

If not, what what kind of approach can I take in this kind if situation?

Thanks for the help, Regards.