Hi Rob,

Thanks a million!

You are right in that, the easiest approach would have been for me to simply read the case and replace the mesh. However, I am solving a coupled electrochemical thermal model, with lots of UDFs.

For some unknown reason, after I’ve loaded all the UDFs, when I try to simply read a new mesh onto the existing case file , Fluent throws me a ton of “UDF not found” errors, as can be seen here:


UDF not found when replacing mesh onto a case

which is why I opted to go for the journal file route instead of me having to write a case file every time for the several cases I need to simulate.

Renaming the boundary zones seems to be quicker, as I only need to rename 16 face zones, but I’ve hit a brick wall there as well, which you can see in my latest reponse to Nick.

Please help