Marcelo Precoppe

Dear George,
I have now received the increment from the license on the server (I have replaced the customer number with "_______":
INCREMENT vmotion_post ansyslmd 9999.9999 30-oct-2023 1 D611AA76A6DE \
    VENDOR_STRING="customer:_______ tp:a" SUPERSEDE ISSUER=SIEBEL \
    ISSUED=25-jul-2023 START=01-jul-2022 SIGN="00FE A459 ADAB F138 \
    5C62 3E00 66BB FF00 5461 8820 B487 6B38 93CF AD49 5358" \
    SIGN2="0089 8589 2A0A 95EA 3BD3 D93C 9039 4200 0F94 A2B3 6E09 \
    643C 8996 9263 EC6F"

I hope this information allows you to guide us in solving this issue.

Kind regards,