Thank you Rob.

I am having an issue and I would appreciate your comment on that.

Initially I ran the simulation with mentioned values and solution got converged, but after making some corrections and running the same case (same mesh) with new porous zone values solution is diverging and gives “floating point exception error”.

For the following values:

Viscous Resistance: 2e+9

Inertial Resistance: 4e+4

Interfacial Area Density: 6e+5 (1/m)

Fluid Porosity: 0.48        Solution got converged with 0.001s as time step size.


For the current values:

Viscous Resistance: 5e+9

Inertial Resistance: 1e+5

Interfacial Area Density: 7e+5 (1/m)

Fluid Porosity: 0.25      Solution is diverging with the attached errors :


I tried reducing time step size to 1e-6s, but no chance. EWF is on as well( but not in the porous zone, if that is relavant)

Could it simply be low mesh quality or something else?