Marko Motaln

Hi Forum Members


I have been grappling with a persistent issue for quite some time now and would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights you can offer.

The problem I'm facing is related to Rocky (Particle Dynamics) within the Workbench environment. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to locate Rocky in the available tools. Here are the steps I've taken so far:

I have installed and reinstalled Rocky and Ansys using the latest versions available.

Before each installation attempt, I made sure to delete the Ansys Inc folder to ensure a clean installation.

I have tried various other troubleshooting methods mentioned in forums and documentation.

It's worth mentioning that both Workbench and Rocky appear to be working fine as standalone applications. However, when I access Workbench, Rocky is nowhere to be found among the available tools.


I also checked my license settings à Features in use, and it seems that there are at least 20 licenses still available for practically every tool. Currently, our institution is on holiday, so there should be no issues related to license availability.


Despite all my efforts, the problem persists, and I'm unsure about what else to try. If any of you have encountered a similar situation or have any ideas about what might be causing this issue, your prompt responses and constructive inputs would be highly appreciated.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best regards