Thank you for the link. I have a couple of questions in regards to running from the command line.

  1. My model is a terrible STL and I do not want to visualize it until it is cut up. That is why I want to use SpaceClaim without the GUI. It seems like the \Headless option is what I want. However when I set \Headless = True it seems to still open the interface.
  2. I have a script the opens a file (STL saved in SpaceClaim so no import needed), slices, deletes and saves. It was built off recorded options and works quite well when I do it manually. It is saved as a .scscript.

SpaceClaim opens but seems to ignore the headless and the script (& also the exit). Here is what I am using on the Command Line (starting from the working directory where the script is located):

> spaceclaim \Headless=True /RunScript=”PositiveXY_Script_forCmd.scscript” /ExitAfterScript=True

Thanks in advance.