Rajeshwari Jadhav
Ansys Employee

Hi Bhavik,

Please scan through all the files on your PC and delete any files that are of future date and time.
WARNING: We advise that you consult with a qualified computer systems professional before making modifications to files. ANSYS cannot guarantee results from mistakes made while following these instructions. Therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk.
Error Message: System clock has been set back
Comments: FLEXlm checks the dates of files in certain directories. If it finds files that have dates into the future, the license key will not work.
Resolution: Locate files that are dated into the future and change the date.
You can search for file options under Windows search and select File explorer Options > View tab, select button for Show hidden files and folder
Uncheck box for Hide protected Operating System files
Then from Windows search, type search and select Windows search options > Choose the enhanced search option, remove any excluded folder (do an entire search)
You can also specify date range starting from today to 2050 or so on.