Mike Rife
Ansys Employee

Hi Shreyas

The "-aaS" mode of Fluent and MAPDL are somewhat outdated these days.  A better option would be for you to explore PyAnsys:  https://docs.pyansys.com/version/stable/ 

PyAnsys is a series of Python Language Libraries [PLL] that us users can employ to interact with certain Ansys products running as a server (aaS).  MAPDL and Fluent are available to the public as PyMAPDL and PyFluent.  Other PLLs for some specific Ansys products either already exist too, or are being actively developed and will be available 'soon'.  

It should be easier to tie Matlab to MAPDL or Fluent via their PLLs than what that video shows. 

Right now Workbench does not have a aaS mode with respect to a PLL...there is something coming but I think it was a typical "had to take a few steps back to take a big step forward" situation.  There is PySystemCoupling in the PyAnsys family.

Hope this helps,