Nanda Veralla
Ansys Employee

Hello Fady and Tonmoy,

I reached out to one colleague, who's more familiar with LSPP. We need more information to debug:

  1. I read your other discussion, you're using LSPP 4.9 right? Is this on Windows or Linux?
  2. On Linux, you get a message in the terminal after LSPP crashes, but not on windows. Perhaps that can give us more details on why is it crashing?
  3. As provided in my initial response, most of the crashing happens because of lack of memory. You've mentioned about 1TB RAM, is this the amount of free available memory or total memory?
  4. Perhaps deleting the configuration file might help. On windows it is under %AppData%\Roaming\LSTC\LS-PrePost4.10\lsppconf. Launching LSPP again will regenerate new file.

Can you please raise a support case from our customer portal, if this doesn't help. For further debug, we might need to reproduce the issue and see what's causing this behaviour.