Chi-Wei Lee

Hello, thank you for your response. The unrealistic field could potentially be a simulation error, and I've included the simulation results below for your review. Figure 1 depicts the design of my device, while figure 2 shows the result obtained with the added region. In contrast, figure 3 presents the result without adding the additional region.

In reference to the documentation you provided, Maxwell's method involves computing the capacitance by analyzing the electric field and the energy stored within it. As evident in figure 4, the electric field significantly diminishes outside my device, and I've selected a rather spacious region. Therefore, in theory, the region shouldn't have a substantial impact on my results.

However, I've encountered an unexpected discrepancy: the capacitance calculated from figure 2 is 0.164pF, whereas the capacitance derived from figure 3 is 0.774pF. This significant alteration in results is puzzling.