Akshay Maniyar
Ansys Employee

Hi Anoush,

A contact you define may initially have a near-open status due to small gaps between the element meshes or between the integration points of the contact and target elements. The contact will not get detected during the analysis and can cause a rigid body motion of the bodies defined in the contact. The stabilization damping factor provides a certain resistance to damp the relative motion between the contacting surfaces and prevents rigid body motion.

Contact Stabilization damping introduces artificial energy into the model. This technique can alleviate convergence problems, but it can also affect solution accuracy if the energy imparted by the damping forces becomes too large.  It is a good practice to check the stabilization energy and reaction forces as part of the model validation process.

Regarding your question, are you checking the deformation in true scale? It should have contact as deformation is present. You can also insert the contact results under solution information and check the number of contacting points.



Akshay maniyar