Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee


Hello Jia-Wei Liao,
There can be ways to simulate this boundary condition. Some of them can be as follows-

Displacement, Remote Displacement – You can define the displacement, and set/restrict for the body. If you are planning to scope the boundary condition to the half section (as shown by the red line) you might need to split the face or select the elements and create a named selection.
You can get more details on the same from the following resources- 
Displacement (
Structural Boundary Conditions – ANSYS Innovation Courses

Another approach that I would plan for the simulation if the loads, boundary conditions, and materials are symmetric about the axis is an approach of planar symmetry. (Involves a bit of geometry pre-processing)
This would help you restrict the motion about the given plane of symmetry, (Frictionless support may also seem a great approach for the time, just visualization of results in extended form won’t be possible)
For more details please check the following resources- 
Symmetry (
Understanding when to Take Advantage of Symmetry – Lesson 3 – ANSYS Innovation Courses


Hope this helps!