Kaushal Sawant


Okay, I did the analysis with SAND as material of the striker (sandbag). However, I am unable to undertstand if the obtained solution is correct or not. The ‘sand without sack’ will definitely deform, but will the impact of ‘sand with sack’ be the same as ‘sand without sack’ ? Afterall the sand is the one who is responsible for the stress. But with the sack the sand will retains it particular shape and will be somewhat stiff. If this is correct, I did the analysis of sand with the sack as well, but the results were highly vague.  Please advise. Attached are the images in both the scenarios:



Sand with sack:

There was no contact between the sand and the sack. The sack was modelled as a shell with 0.6mm thickness and assigned POLYETHYLENE as material, while sand was modelled as a solid element and assigned SAND as material. They are having shared topology. refer below link for @peteroznewman answer on modelling water tank. 


Analysis settings:


thank you all for your prompt responses, you are really being helpful in learning Ansys.