Manojshyaam C J

This Method works for sure:

In Maxwell 3D:

Step 1 : Check the Model for Validation and click Analyze all, check the progress bar to verify the start of analysis
Step 2 : Dont wait for the analyze to get complete, in the Model menu select the components for plotting the field, right  click and select the field you want to plot.
Step 3 : In the field(H,B,A) plot tab, Tick the Plot on surface only and click done.
Step 4 : Now in the main window bottom left of the model, near the 3 axis there is a small box Time = -1 , Click it, a box appears, then give OK and close it .

Step 5 : Now in the Project Manager, under the Maxwell 3D, there exist Field Overlays, under it your respective Field is Shown, just go under the field there exist plot with setup and transient time and a coloured bulletin points, click it to view your plot.
Happy Designing !!