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I thought you meant heave plate at spaceclaim for volume and mass PLUS heave disks all at once  for giving drag to the structure,with very small added mass for the heave disks…I misunderstood.

1)Hello again and thank you for your answer.I think it is Cd=1.14 default value at 2023 R1 which i use.I wanted to add mass,volume( and thickness) to my structure,so i added the heave plate at spaceclaim(it adds volume,without it no volume is added) ,not only the disks…as alone itself the heave plate(WITHOUT heave disks) gives terrible responses.I thought at the above messages you meant that we should use them both together.Is it false to use them together?Finally,should i just use a point mass(with the mass of the plate in real world) with the moments of inertia + series of disks(so…heave plate =heave disks+point mass with moments of inertia WITHOUT heave plate  at spaceclaim….) ??

2)If we use heave disks(series of heave disks),should i use the same  added mass coefficient for all the heave disks???I mean the in between disks must they have the same added mass coefficient with the aside 2 disks,or it must be very small for them???And Cd mustnt be different at different depths of our structure as the draught of a spar is big?What do you mean when you say,”when the disks act in both normal directions”?The middle disks of the one series should they have the same drag coeff.with the apex disks?

3)I inserted a heave plate at spaceclaim to give more volume and not having gaps between the heave those gaps(distances between the series of the disks) may affect adversely the responses.How should i have no gaps as i made the heave disks having distances between each other 0.05m???

Thank you again!!