Hi Rob,

That is a good question.  So my goal is to find the total resistance of the tube in relation to the volume. So my plan was to first get the resistance of the holes. I was going to see if I can get the pressure drop through the holes to start with. So measurement 1. measure the flowrate through each hole depth ( from the outer to inner diameter of the hole) with respect to the total pressure drop across the hole. That is measurement 1. Next measurement 2 what is the total pressure drop inside the tube itself from the tip to the exit with respect to the flow rate at the very tip ( little low) to the end of the tube near the exit (fully developed flow). Measurement 3 will be the drag across the outer surface of the tube. I would like to check each of these to add it as a sum total resistance. However i am not sure which settings to "click on" in fluent to get these values if you can suggest some help on that it would be very helpful. Thank you Rob.