I used ANSYS SpaceClaim to create the geometry and the mesh.

In SpaceClaim there is a built-in meshing tool. I would recommend you look at couple of videos on YouTube for examples. One in particular by MECSO ANSYS is very good (search for tworzenie siatki w ANSYS SCDM, it is the one with the 90° elbow).

What I did below (basically following the first few steps of the video mentioned above), is 1. create a "Bounding Box" Blocking element for the body with all quads and, if I assume correctly that this is a CFD model, linear elements. The key will be to see that this is a Mapped Block.

2. Then I simply sliced it two times in each direction creating 27 Mapped blocks.

3. Next, I went thru the tree and found the block for the center and deleted it.

That is all that is required as if your splits are near the sphere surface it will to the association (this means projecting the block face onto the geometry surface) automatically. Now if you wanted a longer downstream section I would create a blocking for that too.