Alison Byers


Hello, if you’re not seeing the stress being applied in the z-direction, there might be a few things to consider:


  1. Element Orientation: Check the orientation of your shell elements. The default coordinate system for shell elements in ANSYS is the Global Cartesian Coordinate System (X, Y, Z). Ensure that the element normals are aligned with the global Z-direction. If not, you may need to reorient or rotate the elements accordingly.
  2. Units: Verify that the units you’re using for defining the initial stress are consistent with the units of your analysis. Make sure the units match for stress (e.g., Pa, psi) and thickness (e.g., meters, inches) to ensure proper scaling.
  3. Verify Input Syntax: Double-check the syntax of the ncmsell command to ensure that you are using it correctly. Ensure that you are specifying the appropriate values for the stress components and the thickness. The command syntax should be ncmsell, shellpart, ninistate, define, stress_x, stress_y, stress_z, thickness.
  4. Verify Results: After running the analysis, make sure to check the results to verify if the stress in the z-direction is indeed not being applied or if it is not being displayed correctly in the post-processing phase. Review the stress results in the ANSYS Mechanical or other relevant post-processing tools to ensure that the correct stress components are being computed and displayed.