Nick Makaroglou

Hello and thank you very much for answering! I haven't used SpaceClaim at all yes. I am using DesignModeler for everything since all the tutorials and videos I found were showcasing that. I brought up SpaceClaim because the forum I found said to use it in order to import the DXF file and turn it 3d. I know SpaceClaim is better and newer but I have already learnt how to use DesignModeler, so I plan on sticking with it unless necessary, like right now. Having said that I tried your suggestion but after I use the pull tool to make it 3d SpaceClaim simply freezes and nothing happens. The photo is after I have started to pull the image and the freeze happens.

For the importing of the 2 gears I believe I understand what you mean but since they are in STL form and as you said it's not worth it on working with it, I won't continue finding a solution for it. From the start it was a back up let's say, since I prefer using the DXF method, considering I can have both gears set up to go and later if needed from the website I can create new ones easily with different dimensions etc, instead of starting from scratch. That's why I want to solve this problem instead of trying to create new gears myself. Thank you very much again for all the needed help you will provide me!