Steve Jailall

The port ranges didnt post, here they are. but yes these are open on the network 

add key="PortRange" value="4000-4020" /
add key="SocketTransfererListenerTimeoutMilliseconds" value="30000" /
add key="SocketTransfererReceiveTimeoutMilliseconds" value="30000" /
add key="SocketTransfererSendTimeoutMilliseconds" value="60000" />
add key="SocketTransfererAbandonedSocketCleanupPeriodMilliseconds" value="30000" /
add key="SocketTransfererAbandonedSocketMilliseconds" value="10000" /
add key="SocketTransferServerKeepAliveMilliseconds" value="30000" /
add key="SocketUseNagleAlgorithm" value="true" /
add key="SocketSetFileSizeUpFront" value="true" /
add key="SocketTransfererUseIPv6" value="false" /

        Default ports are usually greater than 50000.  This option may be required
        for environments where upper port range is restrictioned by firewall.  e.g. "1000-2000"
add key="SocketTransfererPortRange" value="1000-29263" /
        This setting may be required if the server side has multiple network interfaces. e.g ""