Emine Goktepe




Thank you for the reply. I tried to run these simulations in both coupled and one way. In both cases I tried to set everyting same. In both cases for particles, I only defined the total mass flow rate for particles and the number of the particles to be tracked.I also defined both uniform and random relesing points. In Ansys Fluent, I do not select unsteady particle tracking, so software interface do not let any change on “parcel” (please see the picture below, I am still making trials so the diameter is different in the picture). I didnt set in CFX anythink like this neither. 

I checked the reports but couldnt see any information about it. If you please describe how to find the parcel properties, I will try to check that. 

One other thing I tried during the time waiting for an answer, I set the boundary nodal velocity as zero, in that case I got some of the particles in fluent trapped.