Ansys Employee

Looks that way. Depending on how you link dimensions things can get tangled up. 

If I have 3 points arranged in a line, x, y & z. 

Case 1:  x=0, y=2 & z=4

Case 2: x=0, y=x+2 & z=y+2


Case 1: If I move x so x=2 then x & y are in the same place, so the line breaks. 

Case 2: If I move x so x=2 then y=4 and z=6 so the line is OK. 


I'd focus on how you defined all of the curves & dimensions for the "hollow" part and check you've not accidentally got some constraints or are trying to turn the surface inside out. It's easily done, and why parametric runs always need a lot more care when setting up.