Waruna Maddumage

Hi Rob, 

Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't used the exact monitors you mentioned and I will start a simulation with these today. In the meantime, I can show you a few similar monitors I have been using to check continuity.

All the graphs below are for the last 2000 iterations. 

  1. total-heat-transfer-rate (W) - does not take the heat source (23W) to account
  2. total-mass-flow-rate (kg/s) - All input minus output fluid (oil and air), maximum mass imbalance is 8% 
  3. avg-vf-oil-in-fluid -  volume average of the volume fraction of oil in the fluid domain
  4. winding-temp (k) - Area weighted average of the winding temperature  

As you can see the temperature value does not change a lot. I do not fully understand this part of your answer "If you take the mass variation of oil, and know the heat capacity what sort of temperature change would you expect? "