Thanks for your reply. Let me describe my situation more clearly.

I tried latest version 2023R2, also 2023R1, the issue still exist. However, there is no issue in 2020R2.

I also doubt if the issue origins from Fluent Meshing. Because i load other mesh files then active remeshing, the cosole report "prism and sizing control settings", but won't crash. Then i can set remeshing parameters.But when i load my mesh from Fluent meshing, then the issue happed. I doubt if there is no default value for remeshing. But Fluent meshing seems can't setting remshing parameters for solution mode.

By the way, I generate the fluent meshing throgh watertight geomertry workflow. And there is no error in the mesh files, it can be loaded and calcuation. I can load one other mesh, after active remshing, then replace mesh. But is inconvenient, please help me with that issue. Thank you very much.